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I have created a patreon page at

If you like this instance and want to kick me a dollar a month, that'd be appreciated.

If by some miracle of God this instance ends up making $25/mo, I will upgrade to dedicated hosting so we can get some sick custom CSS up in this bitch.

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I've added some custom emoji to, for example:

windows :windows:
Noam Chomsky :chomsky:
fat yoshi :fatyoshi:
immolating the twitter bird :birdsite:
thinker guns :thinkerguns:

I can add more so long as it's a png file of 50kb or smaller

I've become one of those bozos that carries a fountain pen everywhere AMA

I will run for president on the single issue of diverting National Endowment for the Arts funds to create Blade Runner 2079

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Whoever designed the "pay us please" page for gab is an incompetent and here is a quick explanation of why people look at professional's works before going full Apple mode on it, if they want to do it themselves.

On top of that I'd like to let everyone know I have very mixed feelings about that Helvetica Neue. The font files and filenames match perfectly to the original, hosted on (now, except it's also widely available even on several GitHub repositories and since that paragraph is the only place I could find it used on the entire website I doubt they paid the hefty price of 315$ per font (thin, semibold and bold, although the latter is not used) per CPU core (that's how handles server licenses), so shy of 1200$ per CPU core on EACH of their servers.

If you are into numbers, I attached a screenshot of how much money they owe, again on the well funded opinion that they simply stole those.


I reinstalled the birdsite app on my phone to maintain a professional presence on that site.

Don't you think for a minute that means I'll stop shitposting here. I will never log off. this is good content dot com. I live for this shit.

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tired: desert rock
wired: dessert rock

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This made me think of Serial Experiments Lain. I converted the picture to a pure bitmap, otherwise no special effects.
#photography #mastoart #japan

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Had my first interaction with a town full of Bird scooters this weekend. Yes, they look as silly as you think they do. Also there are scooters layin around all over the fuckin place like it's summer break in the early 2000s.

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Windows 95 startup sound - heavy metal remix

my mother out here providing the biggest of moods

We're going to look back on gritty, grimdark, ostensibly serious superhero movies as equally quaint to the Super Friends and Adam West Batman in like ten years.

For all its faults (namely making incredibly forgettable movies), at least Marvel knows to have fun with it.

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